Standard Solutions for Rapid Changeovers and Reduced Downtime

Speedgrip Chuck team

NDS Quick-Change Mandrel

Speedgrip’s NDS Quick-Change Mandrel uses a unique rear bayonet cam mount that pulls and secures the workholding collet from behind, eliminating the need for draw screws. The no-draw-screw (NDS) configuration improves workpiece accessibility by combining outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) turning, facing and grinding into one operation with minimal interference.

The patented one-piece sealed collet design does not break down with extended use under harsh machining coolants and provides faster spindle speeds without loss of gripping power due to centrifugal force.

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Speedgrip Chuck team

QCR Quick-Change Receiver

Speedgrip’s revolutionary QCR Quick-Change Receiver is a hydraulically actuated cam-lock receiving plate that attaches to spindles and allows operators to effortlessly switch ID/OD collets, jaw chucks or face driver workholding devices in five minutes.

The QCR Quick-Change Receiver is available for all standard nose configurations, spanning the range of sizes running from A2-5 through A2-11. For added versatility, the easy-to-use QCR Quick-Change Receiver also comes in a through-hole design for through-spindle bar feeding operations.

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Speedgrip Chuck team

CSC Contactless Stroke Control

Speedgrip’s CSC Contactless Stroke Control eliminates manual monitoring of proximity switches after each workholding clamp changeover and provides fast confirmation of part-clamping position. This smart manufacturing solution automatically records digital workpiece and machine feedback, including time stamp, stroke position and real-time workpiece dimension data during operation and sends it to machine tool CNCs.

Control data aids in determining whether part parameters are in range prior to machining and helps prevent scrap and tool damage if workpiece clamping is not confirmed. Simple and affordable, the design quickly mounts to virtually any CNC workholding device and easily retrofits to older machines.

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