BULLETIN: SPEEDGRIP NOSE PLATES                    6/14/2022

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To All,

For those customers and sales representatives that are not aware, Speedgrip revised the single and double taper nose plate designs back in 2019. 

We eliminated approximately 50% of the holes on the bases.  The purpose of this bulletin is to inform everyone so that they are aware of this. 

We have had a few customers order these parts assuming the old hole patterns are still the same and then finding out when they receive them that there has been a change.  

The new Standards catalog was released back in March of 2020. Pages 16 and 17 will show the new hole pattern. You will notice that the isometric picture still shows the old-style nose plate. That was an error on the printer and there is nothing we can do about it until the next catalog release.

Please only order using the blueprinted hole layout for your applications.  

Speedgrip reserves the right to make modifications to our standard products from time to time so please be aware and only order parts off the blueprint dimensions.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests to modify or replace these parts due to the current backlog in our shop.

Customers can download the new catalog from the website or request a hardcopy that we will gladly mail out. 

If any sales agents need new hardcopies let sales know how many copies you would like, and we will get them mailed.

Barry Neilson   /   Director of Engineering

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