Making Out-of-Round Parts Round

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By David A. Stokely One of the most vexing problems in machining today is how to most efficiently make an out-of-round part round. In the days of thick-walled tubing or cut slugs, this manufacturing task presented little difficulty, but with today’s thin walled near-net-shape parts, the difficulties mount. Fortunately, we have developed several ways to make this task much easier. It …

Get the Most Out of Your Workholding Supplier

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I encourage our customers to take full advantage of our design experience. In the course of a year, a typical manufacturing engineer will see at most a handful of new parts. Our designers will see that same number of parts in an average week, and we have the added advantage of being exposed to manufacturing processes across the entire spectrum …

New Workholding Applications

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I’ve said this before, but it really is fun to be a chuck designer.  We never know what new challenges await us when we open up a request for quote folder that has come over from our sales department.  Our customers are continually asking us to help them push the envelope. In this blog post, I will share two quote …

Accu-Flex Inspection Application – Automotive Industry

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Automotive Industry Application – Fast and Highly Accurate Part Inspection   The application:   An automotive component manufacturer needed to 100% inspect a critical feature on a high production volume turned part.   The challenge:   The production was very high, and the large daily quantities needing to be inspected demanded a rapid and reliable way to check the  runout …

diagram of aerospace workholding solution that reduces the part load time

Aerospace Industry Application – Large Time & Cost Savings

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The application: A major aircraft component manufacturer had contracts in hand for a large family of aircraft landing gear rods and cylinders.  They had been making these parts for a number of years.  The parts varied widely in geometry features.  The customer needed to centralize an internal cross bore, located on two large external flats, and precisely linearly locate the …

Speedgrip Chuck company corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana

History of Speedgrip Chuck Company

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Welcome to Speedgrip Chuck Company’s blog! This our inaugural blog post.  We see this blog as a way for us to share general company news that people outside of Speedgrip may be interested in, with an emphasis on showcasing some of the very interesting applications which come through our engineering department. My name is Dave Stokely.  I am the chief …