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To All, Attention customers and sales representatives, due to quality and performance over cost-effectiveness, Speedgrip will no longer be offering collets made of cast iron. Speedgrip is now only offering collets made of solid steel. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause however please be assured the quality of solid steel will outperform the cast iron collets. Speedgrip reserves the …

BULLETIN: SPEEDGRIP NOSE PLATES                    6/14/2022

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To All, For those customers and sales representatives that are not aware, Speedgrip revised the single and double taper nose plate designs back in 2019.  We eliminated approximately 50% of the holes on the bases.  The purpose of this bulletin is to inform everyone so that they are aware of this.  We have had a few customers order these parts …

Diagram of Aerospace Workholding Solution that Reduces the Part Load Time

Aerospace Industry Application – Large Time & Cost Savings

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The application: A major aircraft component manufacturer had contracts in hand for a large family of aircraft landing gear rods and cylinders.  They had been making these parts for a number of years.  The parts varied widely in geometry features.  The customer needed to centralize an internal cross bore, located on two large external flats, and precisely linearly locate the …