Rotating Air and Hydraulic Cylinders

We offer servicing for most competitor models, ensuring our commitment to top-notch quality standards and comprehensive customer satisfaction.Our rotating cylinders are crafted with precision and come with expanded service options, guaranteeing a reliable and tailored solution for our customers.


Product Features:

  • Supports high-speed rotation, reaching up to 5000 RPMS
  • Operates at increased pressure levels of up to 1000 PSI (hydraulic)
  • Easily interchangeable with a wide range of existing cylinder models
  • Enhanced reliability backed by a comprehensive limited warranty

Options Available:

  • Third post for fluid distribution
  • Tail rod inclusion
  • Equipped with safety check valves
  • Integration with proximity switches/trip dogs
  • Customizable stroke lengths to meet specific requirements
  • Specialized piston rods for unique applications

Access the Max-Life brochure below for additional information and specifications.