Quick Change Jaw Chucks

  • 3-point adjusting feature in the chuck body permits indicating in the zero. Increase soft jaw life by using adjustment feature. Reduce or eliminate re-boring of soft jaws.
  • High RPM, up to 6,000 using standard top jaws without loss of gripping force, due to internally counter-balanced design.
  • Quick change master jaws, 2 sets supplied with each chuck permits offline pre-assembly of top tooling for next job reducing traditional setup time by 95%.
  • SAFE visual indicator shows when master jaws are in the unlocked mode.
  • Utilize existing top tooling by selecting style of master jaws from 1.5 x 60, 1/16 x 90, Am. Std. Acme, Am. Std tongue & groove and square serrations or substitute mono block jaws. Sets can be mixed styles.
  • Utilizethemachine’sexistingactuatingcylinder-doesnot require long stroke cylinder.
  • Lowest centrifugate force loss, Maintains high clamping forces
  • Sizes 6”|8”|10”|12”|15”|18”|20”|24” diameters
  • ±.0005” repeatability between jaws changes
  • Preset jaws outside the machine
  • Two sets of base jaws included
  • Large through hole capacity
  • Use existing serrated jaws
  • Service with installation
  • Quick change of jaws
  • One year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • (T) Draw tube thread blank
  • Dimensions listed are with 1.5 x 60° Japanese type master jaws. Some dimensions will vary using other master jaw types such as Acme, 1/16” x 90° or Am. Std. tongue & groove
  • Chuck is at mid strok ewith master jaws flush with the body O.D.
  • UNC mounting bolts availabl upon request.
Mono Block Jaws

Mono block jaws are extremely accurate solid one piece design ideal for dedicated jobs, and will allow you to work closer to the chuck face, due to no jaw bolt obstructions. For longer service Mono Block Jaws are made from a nitride hardening material to allow hardening after forming without major distortion.

Jaw Presetting Fixture Benefits
  • One fixture accommodates all chuck sizes.
  • Faster preset jaws outside the machine while the machine is running.
  • Safer automatically adjusted to mid-jaws stroke for optimum clamping pressure.
  • Made in the USA.