Speedgrip has been designing and building “Fixture Friendly” chucks from a simple angle plate with a standard manually actuated chuck to multiple custom designed internal and external gripping chucks mounted on a tombstone or pallet with built-in cylinder, coolant flush, air confirmation and many other features.


Our standard chucks mounted on a base or angle plate is simple and cost effective workholding.

Add an actuator or our JF locator with a mini actuator, utilizing standard or mostly standard and readily available components for a multitude of applications.

Chucks are often supplied for our customer to install into their units for location or part support.

Internal or external gripping, small or large, one or several, air or hydraulic actuated or released as necessary.

Our engineers will design workholding to grip your parts, for a specific fixture, tombstone, or pallet for your operation (s) with many other features, to run parts as effective and efficiently as possible. Our engineers have earned the reputation for offering:

Engineered Solutions for your Precision Workholding

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