Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Number:  B-38461

A major gear manufacturer had a family of large (10-14″) 4340 gear blanks, in which the incoming material was approximately .100 out of round. It was taking several machining operations holding the parts with jaw chucks to reduce this out of roundness in the free state to an acceptable level. Speedgrip Chuck was asked to look at this application to see what could be done to make this process of creating a round part in the free state more efficient.

We developed an innovative and affordable chuck, which compensated for the part bore eccentricity, and in one turning application, the part out of roundness was reduced from approximately .100 to less than .003 thereby reducing costs, and significantly increasing part quality.

Case Number:  B-38854

A major gear manufacturer was 100% inspecting large gears on a gear checking machine. The 4-jaw chuck that they were using to centralize the part was taking a significant amount of time to tram each part in.

Speedgrip Chuck was asked to find a way to quicken this process. We were able to design a simple mechanism which quickened the process from many minutes required for each part, to mere seconds.

After using this work holding for a few months, the customer remarked “This was the best investment we have made in a long time”.