Ball Lock Power Chuck

Chuck Features
  • Centers work, pulls work back and clamps firm
  • Clamps tapered parts up to 10°
  • Automatic radial adjustment of ±5°
  • I.D. and O.D. clamping of forgings or castings
  • O.D. clamping of shafts
  • Sealed against contamination
  • High speed rotation
  • Excellent retention of clamp force
  • Also available as a 2 jaw
BL 6” - 21” Chucks
  • This chuck is used for gripping castings and forgings. It pulls back workpieces with tapered surfaces of up to 10 degrees while providing a right and left compliance of 5 degrees resulting in strong clamping force.
  • Available in self-centering version (add “CT” to end of part number: “BL8-A5CT”)
  • Available as compensating chuck with center or plug (add “CP” to end of part number: “BL8-A5CP”)
  • Available in 2 jaw configuration (add “2” to end of part number: “BL8-A5PT2”)
  • Available as adapter or direct mount
  • When ordering state quantity, model number of chuck, and shipping instructions.
Chuck Structure & Inserts